Bespoke solid oak tables, benches & worktops

Designed & Handmade in the Weald of Kent

Hi. I’m Tom Byrne – Owner,  Designer, Maker, and Delivery Driver @ Rag & Byrne. 

If you’re looking for a unique, hand-crafted solid oak table, to compliment your new or existing home; a focal point that will last for generations, then look no further!
Specifying your own personalised table might seem a little daunting. However, there are only a few options you really need to consider:

Size / Grade of Oak / Edge Style / Thickness / Colour / Leg Style / Leg Colour.

The following information should give you a little more clarity and help you navigate through the process; plus, some inspiration and a firm idea of what I’m capable of.

If you need any more information, advice or further guidance, I am always available on the phone/social media/email. If you would like to see some tables in the flesh, I’d be more than happy to schedule a viewing at the workshop. Just drop me a line!

Best, Tom.

It starts here...

What size of table do you require?

When making the all important decision on what size of table is going to best fit your requirements and your space, there are a couple of rules of thumb to bear in mind –
Firstly, for a comfortable place sitting, one should allow 60 x 40cm per person (+/- 5cm). Secondly, one ought to allow 80-100cm between the table and any wall or furniture to manoeuvre around the table when your guests are seated. The wider you can go with the table top will help with serving bowls, wine, glasses & water on the table top and make it feel less cramped.

Table Sizing Examples

Inc. 'COMFORTABLE' 600mm (60cm) place settings:

to seat: X
@ sides of table
+2 @ table heads

6 People

1800 X 900
1500 X 1200
8 People
10 People
12 People
2400 X 900mm
3000 X 1000mm
3600 X 1100mm
2200 X 1200mm
2800 X 1200mm
3400 X 1200mm

Inc. 'COSY' 500mm (50cm) place settings:

to seat: X
@ sides of table
+2 @ table heads
6 People
8 People
10 People
12 People
1600 X 900mm
2000 X 900mm
2500 X 1000mm
3000 X 1100mm
1400 X 1200mm
1800 X 1200mm
2300 X 1200mm
2800 X 1200mm

These are loose guides. You can order whatever size of table you would like. It's up to you!

Table Height

STANDARD (33mm) Table Top - 75cm High / 71.5cm to underside
CHUNKY (43mm) Table Top - 76cm High / 71.5cm to underside

How many for dinner?

Illustration: our most popular size of table - 2400 x 1000mm (60cm place settings)

We also make extending, oval or round dining tables, benches, coffee tables, solid oak kitchen worktops and shelving...

There are 3 grades of timber, 4 edge finishes and 2 thicknesses to contemplate

We only use the very best quality oak, sourced from sustainably managed forests. The oak is miln at source and allowed 2 years of air drying, followed by a month of kiln drying to bring the moisture content down so it will sit comfortably in your home.

'Character' Oak

One of my favourite grades, with knots and interesting grain patterns, along with occasional small cracks. Its colour can vary from board to board and even within the boards themselves. So its finish isn’t as uniform a colour as a prime oak board but I think It’s a more interesting rustic finish for your table top. Any knots or cracks are filled with a flexible but durable clear resin.

'Prime' Oak

A more consistent uniform honey-brown in colour, with a distinct straighter grain and medullary ray fleck patterns on quarter-sawn surfaces, occasional knots up to 1cm in diameter. With less colour and grain variation between boards, it’s perfect if you are looking for a cleaner looking oak table top.

English 'Pippy' Oak

Fantastic grain patterning, a real eye catcher, though there can be a fair amount of variation in colour and hue. There are more characteristic marks and knots in the grain pattern to English Pippy Oak. Boards are hand-picked and sourced per table; lead times can be longer. *We have to price these tables up per order and design.

Reverse Bevel Edge Profile

Live Edge

AKA 'Waney' - the edge follows the natural grain of the timber

Straight Edge

Exactly that, with softened edges and corners

Rounded Corners

Beneficial in a banquet seating scenario OR, where space around the table is limited OR, because rounded corners are cool!

40 distinct wood finishes to choose from

If you’re looking for a particular colour to compliment, or to contrast with your existing/proposed colour palette, you should find what you’re looking for in the Rubio Monocoat range.

All Rag & Byrne tables are finished with Rubio Monocoat’s ‘Oil Plus 2C’. Why? Read on!

Originally designed for application to high-traffic wood flooring, Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is incredibly durable and can withstand tough stains such as red wine, for up to 24 hours.

It couldn’t be easier to clean – Simply by wiping over with a damp cloth. That’s it!

Rubio Monocoat oils are made from natural ingredients, and unlike many other wood finishes, they do not contain any harmful VOCs, solvents or formaldehyde. That means – No harmful vapours or gases are released from the oils during application, or after delivery, in your home.

Certified ‘Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort ‘Gold’ – Best-in- class for low emissions. Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C meets all relevant VOC related requirements in the UK and throughout Europe. Oil Plus 2C also meets the EN 71-3 toy standard plus, it’s food contact compliant.

Rubio Monocoat also offer an excellent range of aftercare products to keep your table looking fresh and new, forever!

Oak colour swatches available on request

A choice of 9 different leg designs, in a vast array of RAL colours.

The ‘X’ leg is by far the most popular design request.. There’s also the Delta, U, Straight, V, Flat, Spider Legs (Square) – suitable for tables up to 2.5m, Spider Legs (Diamond) – suitable for tables 2.6m – 3.0m.

Its important to think about leg positioning how many chairs will you have around the table? how wide are they? when you have extra guests how will the seating arrangement work?

Do I want to tuck a bench in under the table when not in use? Your legs can be mounted to any position suit your needs if you’re stuck I’m just a phone call away for advice.

‘X’ legs and the smaller square spider legs work best if you want the maximum number of seating options without compromising on guests legs & chairs fitting round the table and for space saving as benches and chairs will tuck in under the table top.

Our legs are available in over 200 different RAL colours!!! Our most popular RAL colours are: 9005 Jet Black / 9010 Pure White / 7021 Black Grey / 7016 Anthracite

We are always working on new leg designs.

'Double' and 'Four Foot' Pedestals coming soon!

'X' Leg


Spider Square



Solid Oak
'X' Leg

'U' Leg

'V' Leg

Spider Diamond

And finally, if you're looking for a bench, or multiples of, to match your dream table...

Bench Length – 150cm to 240cm (Bench width: 27-30cm. Maximum bench length: 240cm. If your table is larger in length you may wish to order two smaller benches (e.g. for a 300cm length table please order 2x150cm benches) Bench Leg Colour – Available in over 200 RAL colours.

2400mm x 300mm x 34mm
Character Oak | Live Edge
Finished in RM 2C: Pure
RAL 7021 Black Grey 'X' Leg

(PAIR) 1200mm x 300mm x 34mm
Prime Oak | Live Edge
Finished in RM 2C: MIST 5%
RAL 9005 BLACK 'Rev. Delta' Leg

2200mm x 300mm x 34mm
Character Oak | Straight Edge
Finished in RM 2C: Oak
RAL 7016 Anthracite 'U' Leg

'X' Leg

'V' Leg

'U' Leg


Reverse delta

All our bench tops are 34mm.

Reverse bevel edge profile (option)

Over 200 'RAL' Classic Colours to choose from!