Oak Chopping Board


End Grain – Oak Chopping Board – 450mm x 300mm x 45mm
A very hard wearing chopping board that will not only provide fuction it will also look amazing in any kitchen with the stunning natural end grain patterns of the oak.
  • End Grain – Each board is unique
  • Rubber Feet – Keeping the board off your work surface
  • Hygienic – Wipe down with a damp cloth – oil with a food safe board wax ever 4-5 weeks
  • Hard Wearing – End grain will naturally heal its self so any knife marks will soon disappear
As a gift you can personalise your chopping board on the bottom left hand corner with a maximum of 40 characters in a single or double line.
End grain cutting boards are a must for every kitchen as not only do they look stylish but they are perfect for protecting the knives you are using as the
natural end grains in the timbers used do not dull or blunt your knives like traditional flat grain cutting boards do. They are also very long lasting as the
wood has the ability to self heal, once it has been used the knife marks on the whole close themselves back us at the natural end grains of the wood close
back up.
Dipped a food safe mineral oil for the ultimate protection. A good wipe down and a dry off, with an oil of some food safe board wax, will keep the board in perfect condition for years to come.